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The Full Story


The Lyfe N Motion Fitness experience is intentional, collaborative, passionate, dedicated, hard working, accountable community that is applicable to all fitness level clients, we call Lyfers.

Lyfers, confront challenges, overcome fears and achieve goals, in a judgement free, safe environment. Your loved ones depend on you every day, you owe it to them, but more importantly to yourself.

No one regrets feeling good!

Since we are being honest,

NO one regrets looking good either!

Are you ready, Lyfer?


What is your Y?

To stay on track with your personal fitness journey, you need a why!  We keep so many balls in the air, we never take time for ourselves. This is your time to be selfysh, so you can continue to be selfless!

When you have a reason why, you Will...


It's All About You

Achieving your goals!

Confronting your fears!

Overcoming obstacles!

Smashing this healthy Lyfestyle thing!

No quick fixes

No faddish diets

Lyfe N Motion Experience teaches you how to start, and maintain a healthy lyfestyle.

"Because Healthy is a Journey, Not A Destination"

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