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One-to-One Training

Ideal for the Lyfer who requires a personal touch and undivided attention from the personal trainer. Whether you are a novice or someone who is knowledgeable in the fitness arena. One-to-One programming establishes benchmarks via assessments, assesses current fitness level, establishes SMART goals, and provides nutritional counseling to accomplish your goals.

Small Group Training (2-4 persons)

Ideal for Lyfers who get the benefits of one-to-one training in a supportive team environment. Each small group session has between two to four individuals to ensure you still get some quality time with the personal trainer.

Large Group Training

Ideal for Lyfers who thrive off of working out alongside other individuals on the same health and fitness journey. Large Group training provides additional support, motivation and inspiration to assist with achieving your goals.

Fit Happens Project

Annual body fat percentage challenge designed to deliver a total fitness experience: mind, body, and soul. Since you can never out train a poor diet, LNMF drills down into the basics of nutrition.

Mind - getting Lyfers into a positive mindset when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

Body - Lyfers are guided through specifically designed programs that will trim fat, increase muscle and build confidence, all while learning that food is fuel necessary to complete the equation that is equivalent to a healthy lyfestyle.

Soul - Lyfers are engaged in a program that is fun, intriguing, and satisfying, while understanding that they have to put on their mask first…You must “BE SELFYSH” to remain Selfless.

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